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I set this page up to give you access to an audition video I prepared for ProShip.

Here's what's on the video -

Hey There

    This is a tune I wrote as a underscore for a Kurzweil Music software editor demo video I did a few months back.  I mod'd it a little to allow some additional solo sections.

The original is here in case you're interested...

(Click the PlugSE link)

12 with a Twist

    Another requirement of the outline was to hit a 12 bar. I decided to write an original offering (if it's even possible to actually write a "new" 12 bar.... ;-). I just added a little spin on it for poops and giggles.

Love Song

    Have loved this tune since I first saw Made of Honor. A great light pop tune and fun to cover this one. Just piano and guitar over programmed drums and bass.  Again had a friend pop in to track a vocal.

Here To Love You

    Classic Michael McDonald/Doobie Brothers. Just couldn't get a vocalist to cover this one for me. Decided to cover the melody with B3, Rhodes and Trumpet. Sorry it kind of turned into a smooth jazz tune ;-). I'm also buried in the BG vocal stacks

Babylon Sister

    Great Steely Dan tune. The vocalist on this one was a former student of mine when I taught Production/Engineering at Fanshawe College in the MIA program for a short time. Talented kid - Dave Usseleman.


    This Chick Corea classic as covered years ago by Al Jarreau that I used to rough in this arrangement. Took the opportunity to return to the accordion for an overdub. That was my first instrument at the age of 4. (as a little interest note, the instrument I'm using the video was actually my teacher's accordion. It's pretty close to 60 years old. Looks like new. Some of the reeds need a little love, but that's for another day...)

I did sneak in a couple of bars of a montuno that was requested in the PS outline. I must confess, other than having to play the required Miami Sound Machine classic "Conga" back in the 80's, I've not done a lot of latin. I did do some research and am pretty sure I could woodshed the style if required.


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